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Convenience drinker

If a tea bag, a mug and hot water are all you need to make a cup of tea, you are a convenience drinker. If the only way you know how to consume tea is fast and furious, here are a few tips for you to enjoy it.
Right away most of us would think of tea bags as the perfect choice for a lifestyle like this.
Yes, tea bags – the most affordable and convenient option which allows making tea easy and fast. Some might say that tea bags are only low quality leftovers from manufacturing tea. Well, many of us drink instant coffee – the powder mixture of dry milk, sugar and many other flavorings. Who are we to judge tea bag lovers?
I love premium tea, at the same time I also have quite a collection of tea bags. Tea bags do provide me convenience plus a range of flavor mixtures. When waking up in the early morning, I really couldn’t care less about “the right way” of brewing tea. Placing a tea bag in hot water makes a cup of tea available in a matter of seconds. An upgraded alternative for tea bags is brewing loose leaves in the cup. You heard me, no need for infusers or fancy equipment. Drop a pinch of leaves directly in the cup with hot water and enjoy!
Today, premium tea bags are a lot more available in any shops. The powder-ish tea leaves allow the flavor to be released faster. They shorten the brewing time, and the bag helps keep the cup tidy and clean. There are no restrictions about making tea, convenient methods can also provide a good cup of tea.


You can make your own tea bags instead drinking mass produced supermarket ones. Making your own tea bags gives you the freedom to mix and match your own flavours too. Disposable tea pockets or pouches are available in supermarkets or your local teashops. A standard tea bag weighs about 2-3 grams for one cup per person. Fill your own loose leaves in the pouch and leave some room for expansion. Be creative to add on some herbs, flowers, seeds and fruit to enrich your tea even more. This way you can have your own blend of tea bags.
A teapot isn’t always needed when you make tea with loose leaves. Place a pinch of leaves into a mug – enough to cover half of the bottom of the cup. You can adjust the amount of tea by personal preference, and the shape and size of your cup. It is very nice to see how the tea leaves slowly open up and dance in the water, especially when using glass teaware.