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Contemporary drinker

A contemporary drinker is someone who wants to incorporate modern styles, equipment and trends into drinking tea. A contemporary drinker wants to look for new ideas and use his/her creativity to make drinking tea more interesting.

Tea cocktails/mocktails have become a trend in the F&B industry. Adding tea into alcohol or soft drinks is definitely a new way to enjoy a cup of tea. This is a great way of trying tea with different flavors. At the same time, don’t worry if sometimes you make the tea stronger than usually. Stronger tea by itself could taste quite bitter and acerbic. But when mixed with other ingredients, it often complements the flavors. At the same time, it helps to avoid the tea being overpowered.

Contemporary hacks

Cold brew tea is definitely a way to explore some new sensations. Instead of using hot water to make your tea, brew your leaves in cold water. This method reduces bitterness in the tea. Simply use any bottle or container. Add your tea leaves and room temperature water into the container. Place the container in the fridge and let it sit for 8-12 hours. After that, drain the leaves from the liquid. It will stay fresh in the fridge for about a week.

A good ratio to make cold brew tea is about 10g of loose leaf tea for every 1L of cold water. If you use tea bags, 2 bags for every 1L of water gives you good results. When using tea bags, remember to shorten the brewing time to 4-6 hours.

A cool way to enjoy your cold brew tea – a champagne glass! The shape of this long and slim glass is good to enhance the aroma of the tea. And it just looks elegant to sip some tea from one.