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Comfort drinker

Do you enjoy a nice cup of tea made from quality leaves? Do you rather skip the complicated brewing process? For a comfort drinker, tea brings blissful moments. Even though tea is not the main event, time and effort is still put into enjoying a good cuppa.
Are you ready to move on from tea bags and invest more in quality loose leave? Here are some useful tips to bring your tea experience to the next level.
There are various quality loose leaf tea available. Supermarket products are often as Forrest Gump would describe a box of chocolates: “You never know what you’ll get”. You’ll have to go through a trial and error process. But once you hit a jackpot and find a preferred kind, it is a happy surprise.
A clear advantage of buying tea from professional merchants is that you get to see, touch and smell the product before purchasing. This is an important process to make sure you are not buying your tea blindfolded. Some tea shops even allow you to try the tea before buying. Many tea merchants are also very knowledgeable about tea. Ask as many questions as you need before making your purchase decision.

Comfort hacks

See – look at the shape and the color of the tea before buying. If the leaves are whole and complete, the tea has been stored well. The color should represent the tea (e.g. green tea should look greener than black for example).
Touch – if the leaves feel soggy or moist, the storage has failed and the tea is likely damaged already.
Smell – do the leaves have the expected aroma or an unexpected odor? If the latter, steer clear from such tea.
A French press is a must have equipment for comfort drinkers. In fact, I am having a French press full of tea right next to me while writing this. What is generally known as a coffee pot, is very handy for brewing tea. A good feature is that it has plenty of space for loose leaves to fully open up when brewing. This allows the flavor and aroma to become rich. It is also very easy to clean up.