Review: Royal T-stick tea stick

Score: 1=worst, 10=best

Today’s review is about an innovative tea package – a newly designed tea bag titled as a t-stick. The brand we’re reviewing is called Royal T-stick.

The t-stick is a long and narrow cylindrical shape bag with lots of tiny holes in its bottom half. You have likely seen a similar shaped package when ordering a cup of coffee in a European cafe. Those usually come with a similar looking sugar sachet. The t-stick however is made of aluminum, so it can be submerged in hot water as is. It works like a tea strainer in a cup. You fill in the cup with hot water, place the t-stick in it and voila, after a couple of minutes you have a fresh brewed cup of tea. No need for spoon or any other equipment. If you want to mix sweeteners or other liquids in the tea for example, you can always use the t-stick as a mixing spoon.



Design – 8
It is a very clever design. The t-stick makes brewing tea super easy. The package is small and light, so it’s easy to carry with you wherever you go. The additional benefit is that it doesn’t break easily like tea bags for example would.
The only downside of the t-stick is that each stick comes wrapped in a plastic bag producing unnecessary waste. This also renders some of the t-stick’s environmental properties void. Without the plastic wrap, the t-stick is made of 80% recycled aluminum. The use of recycled aluminum reduces the CO2 emissions by 95% as opposed to using primary aluminum.

Performance – 8
The t-stick doesn’t leak any tea leaves into the cup making drinking easy. But don’t expect to get more than one or maximum two brews out of each stick. The flavor of the t-stick’s tea gets diluted very quickly leaving its endurance to desire for more.

Usability – 10
The t-stick is the ultimate convenience drinker’s friend. You don’t have to think about anything when brewing your cup of tea. Open the t-stick, put it in a cup of hot water and wait a couple of minutes before enjoying your drink. It doesn’t really get much simpler.

Quality – 7
The quality of the stick itself is excellent, but the tea quality isn’t up to the same standard. It would be really interesting to see how a higher quality tea would perform in this kind of package.

Value – 6
A t-stick is roughly 3 times the price of a regular tea bag. It is a bit steep price to pay, even though the convenience factor is high.

If you’re looking for a quick fix to enjoy wherever, look no further. The t-stick is your best choice. But if you want to enjoy a better quality tea, you’re better off looking for alternatives.

Good Things

  • Very convenient - easy to use and carry with
  • Nice design
  • Trendy and modern
  • Manufactured from recycled material

Bad Things

  • Low endurance - lasts only a couple of brews
  • Food safety not confirmed - can the package withstand high temperature
  • Not environmentally friendly - every stick is wrapped in plastic

The Breakdown


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