Review: Cha Cult – Bottom-dispensing brewer

Score: 1=worst, 10=best

A bottom-dispensing brewer is very handy, if you want to fix yourself a quality cuppa fast. Today’s review is for a brand called Cha Cult.

A bottom-dispensing brewer is rather simple in design. It has a container for the tea leaves and water with a filter inside and a lid that opens. You fill the container with the tea leaves and hot water (make sure the temperature is suitable for your tea type) and let the tea brew inside. Once the tea is ready to drink, you place the brewer on top of your teacup and let it sit on the cup. This should release a stream of tea to be dispensed through the bottom filter into your cup. Once you have enough liquid in your cup, just simply lift the brewer up. This will make the built-in mechanism to seal the hole and stop the liquid stream.

The Cha Cult bottom-dispensing brewer


Design – 7
The Cha Cult has a big lid and a large container. This makes it easy to clean, easy to pour water into and gives enough space for the tea leaves to open.
The container is transparent, which helps to observe what happens to the tea during the brew. You can observe the color of the tea, how the tea leaves open up and see when the tea is ready.
A handy design element in the brewer is the measurements included in the container. It tells you how much liquid is inside.
The drawback is that some water will stay back in the compartment between the container and the bottom-dispensing mechanism making that part difficult to clean and dry.
The filter is old school design. It is very tight and requires some skill/right tools to get it to fit in its place correctly.

Performance – 7
The bottom-dispensing mechanism can also wear out after a lot of usage, leaking some liquid. This can be easily solved by placing a saucer plate underneath it while letting the tea brew in the container. However, it kind of defeats the purpose of having one in the first place.

Usability – 9
The brewer is very light, which makes it easy to lift and move around. The size of the bottom might not be compatible with your cups. This may make placing the brewer on top of your cup slightly awkward, but we haven’t come across a regular teacup that the product wouldn’t work with.

Quality – 7
The Cha Cult brewer is made of medical grade Eastman Tritan (BPA free) with a stainless steel filter. This makes it durable and safe for boiling water.

Value – 9
Our brewer was bought from Amazon DE for 19 Euros. That’s the same as only a few cups at a cafe or restaurant. In other words, for what you get from the product, it is a small price to pay.

A bottom-dispensing brewer is a very useful device for any tea drinker, who wants to drink premium quality tea without having to invest too much time into it.
When buying a plastic bottom-dispensing brewer, make sure it is BPA free and high heat resistant. Otherwise, you’ll be consuming unnecessary (and potentially harmful) chemicals with your tea.


Good Things

  • Easy to use
  • Cheap
  • Measurement included
  • Good quality material

Bad Things

  • Leaking filter
  • Not the best looking item
  • Lid not firmly attached to the container

The Breakdown


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