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Sweet macarons!

After writing the intro to the Tea Pairing Experience, we got the cravings to revisit the initial macaron tasting and got ourselves a nice assorted package of 5 basic flavors – Chocolate, Raspberry, Lemon, Mocha and Pistachio.

The tasting experiment was conducted in our own R&D lab using our own equipment. We decided to make it simple this time, so everyone could easily replicate this at home. We only used teas that are available in most supermarkets and our brewing equipment consisted of a French press with a regular water boiler.

(White tea prepared in a French press)

To organize a similar tasting at home, here are your steps to follow:


  1. Start by taking the macarons to room temperature (if not already)
  2. Slice the macarons into smaller pieces, so they’re easier to taste
  3. Place a small plate, a tea cup and a glass of water (for cleansing palate) in front of everyone


  1. Select your pairings and prepare the tea leaves/bags in the serving containers
  2. Boil water and brew the tea
  3. Serve the tea at the right temperature (when tea is too hot, it numbs your taste buds) – between 60-70 degrees Celsius (140-158 Fahrenheit) is a good serving temperature for most teas


  1. Take a bite of the macaron and chew it to coat your palate. Make sure you don’t swallow yet
  2. Have a sip of tea and mix the flavors in your mouth
  3. Enjoy!

Here are our favorite pairings:

  • Raspberry + Earl Gray
  • Lemon + Earl Gray
  • Pistachio + Masala Chai
  • Chocolate + Masala Chai or White tea
  • Mocha + White tea

If you want different kind of sensations from your pairings, try the following (Editor’s warning: not always pleasant!):

  • Raspberry with Oolong or Lemon with White tea for a clash of flavors (palate cleanser highly recommended!)
  • Pistachio with White tea where the flavors cancel each other out.

Let us know what were your favorite pairings!


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