Is organic really organic

Many organic farms obtain their certificate completely legally and provide organic tea. But some of them have a problem. They are located next to tea farms, which don’t use the same methods. The issue is, that these non-organic farms ‘contaminate’ the organic ones with the unclean water that flows to their neighboring farm and the pesticides that they spray in the air.

Organic method is one of the keys to produce good quality and tasty tea, however it’s not a necessity. Instead of being stuck in the idea of consuming only organic tea, pay more attention where the origin is. Certain countries have more control to the farmers on using chemical treatment.

This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look for organic tea products. As a consumer we should be more aware of what we purchase to keep us healthy. As long as there is a reliable prove, buying organic products is still a better option. Especially we are also supporting organic agriculture by doing so to encourage more farmers dedicating in organic production.

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