What can I use to brew tea?

For many people, a clay or porcelain teapot is the best option to bring out the most lovely flavor from tea. But, a good quality clay/porcelain pot is more difficult to find, while the price tag isn’t so friendly. A French press or a glass teapot with strainer is an easier choice. And you can find them in most shops at a decent price.

To me, any container can be used to brew tea. I’m sure we all have a few mugs in the kitchen cabinet, don’t we? Why not just use them?! Put some tea leaves in the cup and pour hot water – you’ve got yourself a cup of tea!

Glass teapots and French presses(!)

So, let’s talk about the containers that are available in most households. A glass teapot with a straining compartment or a French press makes brewing tea easy. These kind of tea ware have a few common features. They are easy to clean, have enough space for the leaves to open up properly while brewing and make it easy to drain the tea afterwards.
It’s better to drain the tea completely when serving, instead of letting it soak in the water. Remove the strainer from the glass teapot until next refill while serving. If you’re using a French press, fill in the desired serving amount of water and proceed to the next round when ready.
Soaking the tea leaves for a long time has its drawbacks. Not only does it make the tea too strong and bitter, but it also shortens the brew endurance. Strong tea is not a healthy drink. The thick density of chemical ingredients irritates our stomach and may even cause pain or nausea. In the long term, it can result in iron deficiency.

Tea infuser

A tea infuser is a frequently used tool for brewing tea. Selecting a suitable infuser is very important to get the best out of the tea. Most infusers are small, roughly 3 to 5 cm (1 to 2 in) in diameter, so they can fit into a tea cup. For brewing traditional black tea, such as Earl Grey, English breakfast or Assam, a regular sized infuser will serve the purpose. The tea leaves are cut into smaller pieces and can fit in easier.
If you are drinking Chinese tea, a bigger compartment is more suitable. Chinese tea is made using complete leaves, which fit in small space when dry. But when brewed, they will open up and need more space.

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