Flowering tea

The genie in the tea pot – Blossom tea

Blossom tea is a kind of tea that really blossoms in hot water. I’m sure it makes you go “wow” the first time seeing it in a café. It might be a lily lotus or rose slowly and gracefully opening up in a glass tea pot or cup. It is for sure beauty for eyes to enjoy. But how is it made?

I would say blossom tea is calculated art. Tea makers will estimate the amount of tea needed and design how the shape of it will show in the water. Then they tie the tea leaves and flowers together with very thin cotton strings. The final step is to dry and roll the whole piece into a small tea ball. All you need is some hot water and little bit of patience and you will have a blossom show dancing in your tea ware.

Green tea and Oolong are two often seen types as the base for blossom tea. The variety of options in flower selection is bigger for those types. Flowers with strong outstanding fragrance and vivid colors are preferred for the designs, as they enhance the blossom sensation. For example, Jasmine tea with rose or chamomile is an often seen blossom tea combination. Black tea is usually not the first choice as the base, due to it being darker in color. The dark color makes it difficult to present the design of the tea. Instead, green tea or Oolong have very light, clear and transparent color, which makes them very suitable backdrop to present this kind of tea art. If you’re willing to up your budget and wish to opt for more luxurious blossom tea, try it with white tea as the base.

Today’s blossom tea, that is available on the market, is mostly from mainland china. This is simply because the making of blossom tea is very labor intensive. China is the biggest producing region for quality tea, which at the same time makes is capable of providing the needed manpower at cheap rates.

Next time when you’re in an exotic café, which has blossom tea on the menu, give it a try for a chance to appreciate this oriental tea art.


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