Tea hack: ice cube magic

Here’s a handy little trick I learned while buying a cup of tea from a café. Usually, when we buy fresh brewed tea from a café, it’s made using boiled water. It is too hot to hold the cup and drink right away. To my surprise, the barista dropped a couple of ice cubes into my tea. When the tea was handed to me, he said “this is ready with perfect temperature to drink now!”
“Wow!” I was thinking. “This is the first time!”
There are gadgets, which are designed for brewing a cup of coffee at the right drinking temperature. But, hardly I’ve heard people talking about good drinking temperature for tea. That is often a topic only for tea professionals.
So, according to the barista, a medium sized ice cube (5×3 cm or 2×1 in) drops the temperature of the liquid by 10°C . That is roughly the size a regular ice cube tray produces in any household. Hint: the same trick works for any liquid, not only tea.
Here is one more trick for you: make the ice cubes with the tea that you drink the most often. Brew the tea first and wait for it to cool down. Then fill your ice cube tray with the cooled down tea and put it in the freezer. Once frozen, the cubes are ready to serve.
The main advantage of this trick is that your tea doesn’t get diluted with the melting ice cubes.
If you want to have a bit of fun with your ice cubes, try this. Put some herbs, flower pastels or fruits (diced into small cubes) in the tray and fill in the liquid. Freeze them together and you will have beautifully decorated ice cubes. They not only look good, but also give additional flavor to your tea.

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